1) Compliance in Mitsubishi Chemical Group

To the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings (MCHC) Group, “compliance” is about more than adherence with the prevailing laws and regulations. It means much more than refraining from illegal behavior. To us, compliance is also about following workplace codes of conduct, corporate ethics, and social rules, including cooperating and building mutual trust.

Our Responsibilities

Each of us at the Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Group ensures compliance by observing the following rules:

  1. Acting in accordance with the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, and observing the Company’s rules and regulations.
  2. Increasing everyday awareness of the importance of compliance when performing our daily duties at company-sponsored lectures and training sessions.
  3. Ensuring that there are no compliance problems in our thinking and behavior when completing our daily duties, and consulting with the Company in case of any doubts.
  4. If an employee becomes aware of behavior thought to be in violation of compliance, or in danger of such violation, they should not and let the matter go, but immediately report it to the Company.
2) Respecting for Human Rights

In adherence with the MCHC Corporate Charter regarding ‘Respecting Human Rights,’ we shall respect the dignity and rights of all people and shall not discriminate against them unfairly on the basis of race, sex, religion or other status. We shall also expect our suppliers and other contractors to refrain from any infringement of human dignity and rights or discriminatory practices.

3) Compliance Hotline

MCCI constituent members are required to report any conduct that can be classified as being in violation of compliance, or could result in such a violation, to their supervisor.  

If there are any issues that prevent the employee from reporting the conduct to their supervisor in  a timely manner, he or she can utilize the organization reporting line through the Compliance Hotline.

To ensure independence, the hotline is controlled by an independent Law Firm who handles incoming reports in a confidential manner, and reports directly to the parent company. 

All address / numbers below are exclusive for Compliance Hotline:

Email     :     

Phone   : 


Weekdays 09.00-18.00

Post mail: 

Assegaf Hamzah & Partners

Capital Place, Level 36 & 37

Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 18, Jakarta 12710.

Attn. Mr. Eko Ahmad Ismail Basyuni