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Responsible Care®

  Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia participates in Responsible Care® (RC) activities, which is a self-initiated activities by the chemical industry for ensuring environmental conservation, health, and safety issues. Responsible Care was launched in Canada in 1985, which was soon followed by establishment in other country, including foundation of the Japan Responsible Care Council in 1995. The five mainstay activities are process safety and disaster prevention, occupational safety and health, environmental preservation, quality assurance and chemical safety. By conducting activities that conform to the Mitsubishi Chemical Group RC Promotion Policy, we aim to build relations based on trust with the public and help in developing a sustainable society. We are also an active member of Komite Nasional Responsible Care Indonesia (KN-RCI).  
  Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia has been implementing Responsible Care initiative with efforts in order to achieve harmony with the global environment. We have been making effort to secure environmental preservation, safety of facilities, safety and health of employees and products safety by eliminating, reducing and managing the risks. This commitment is described in our Quality Safety Health and Environment Policy.  
  1. Quality Safety Health Environment (QSHE) Policy  
  The long-term business success of PT. Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia depends on our ability to continuously improve our products to satisfy our customers while protecting the people and the environment in which we work and live. It is a commitment, which is in the best interests of our customers, our employees, our shareholders and other stakeholders  
  QSHE is the responsibility of line management, with the active commitment and support of all employees. QSHE considerations are fundamental to every facet of our operations.  

Our goal is to perform all business activities in a responsible manner that satisfies our customers and does not cause any incident, any harm to the people and any damage to the environment. To achieve that goal, we will strive to :

  • assure the quality of our products and provide safe and reliable solutions to our costumers
  • protect the safety, health and property of our employees, our customers, our contractors and third parties
  • protect the environment in the communities where we work and live and minimize waste and toxic chemical emissions
  • comply with all applicable legislations and regulations and adhere to generally accepted industry practices
  • perform continual improvement in overall QSHE performance
  The policy is implemented by means an integrated management system incorporating Quality Management System ISO-9001, Occupational Safety and Health Management System - OHSAS 18001, and Environment Management System ISO-14001.  
  2. Quality Management  
  Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia has being implemented Quality Management System ISO-9001 since 1996. We are committed to provide products that satisfy customers. Our plant facilities are operated according to a philosophy and policies to continuously improve the quality and we are working to reduce complaints as a key issue of quality management. As part of our commitment to Responsible care, we conduct sharing information with our customers, audit to suppliers, transporters, warehouses and storage terminals. The goal is to share best practices for handling chemicals we use and our product and suggest improvements to individual company practices. This two-way learning process allows us to share quality, as well as safety, health and environmental practices, and also to learn from their experience.  
  3. Occupational Safety & Health Management  

Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia has implemented Occupational Safety and Health Management System, based on OHSAS 18001, in which we have been certified since 2006. Our Occupational Safety and Health Management System helps our organization systematically identifies, controls, and monitors its operations that having potential impact to the occupational safety and health.

  Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia is committed to provide the leadership and resources for a safety and health program that protects our employee and the public from adverse exposure to hazards and prevents occupational injuries and illnesses. We pursue operational excellence by focusing on safety first.  
  Golden rules  
  Providing employees with safe working conditions is a fundamental responsibility for all companies. At Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia, our goal is that all our employees and contractors return home safely every day.  
  In order to enhance awareness and to drive behavior changes to act safely, we continue strict implementation of 10 Golden Rules of safety that we launched in 2006, as a framework for how people must behave all the time, in every operation and activity.  
  4. Environment Management  
  As part of our commitment to environmentally responsible operations, we have implemented Environmental Management System, ISO 14001, in which we have been certified since 1999. Our Environmental Management System helps our organization systematically identifies, controls, and monitors its operations that having potential impact to the environment. It provides a framework for setting environmental improvement goals and implementing programs to achieve them.  

Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia is fully committed to reduce the impact of our operations might have on the environment. The goal of environmental conservation at Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia is to reduce contaminants, pollutants, and waste generated at our facilities. We believe that preservation of the environment is one of the most important issues facing the business world today, and have made environmental initiatives as an integral part of our corporate culture.


We are also committed to reduce our environmental footprint as the effect of our operation through the activity of energy conservation as well as energy efficiency.