Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Cares Central Sulawesi

17 Oct 2018

Wednesday, 17 October 2018, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC); leading Japanese chemical company, along with its subsidiaries in Indonesia PT Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI) and PT MC PET Film Indonesia (MFI) donate 800 million IDR to The Indonesian Red Cross.

The donation is a form of MCC’s corporate responsible care through supporting The Indonesian Government Relief Program for people who are impacted by recent earth quake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi.

The entire MCC executives and workforce across the world are saddened and concerned for the successive calamity experienced by the Indonesian people. While entering the early recovery stage from Lombok earth quake, then suddenly comes the more catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi. Mr. Kaharu said, “We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to all the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, and we hope for a rapid recovery for both the people and areas affected by this disaster.”

MCC also expresses its highest respect and appreciation to The Indonesian Government for its seriousness in handling the calamity by deploying all its resources to help in best possible way people who are impacted not only during search and rescue stage, but also in preparing for the rehabilitation and reconstruction stage.

About MCC, MCCI, & MFI.

MCC is a world leading chemical company, headquartered in Tokyo Japan. It has 40,290 employees across the globe working in 358 subsidiaries operating in 32 countries. MCCI is a subsidiary of MCC producing Purified Terephtalic Acid (PTA), raw material for polyester, as well as producing Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin. While MFI is MCC’s subsidiary producing PET film, raw material used for electronics display and packaging applications.