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Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia, located in Cilegon City, Banten Province, Indonesia, produces Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin under the license of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. Currently Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia is the largest producer of PTA in Indonesia. Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia was established as a multinational company in 1991 and has 3 plants built on the land area of 23 hectares. In PTA business, commercial operation of PTA no .1 Plant was started in 1991 with initial capacity of 250,00 MT per year and then followed by commercial operation of PTA no. 2 Plant with the same initial capacity in 1996. While in PET business, commercial operation of PET Plan was started in 1995 with initial capacity of 52,000 MT per year. After process optimization project, effectively from 2005, plant capacity has been increased to 700,000 MT per year for PTA and 58,000 MT per year for PET. Total investment stands at USD 610 Million with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation as single majority shareholder.
Mar, 1991
Establishment of PT. Bakrie Kasei Corporation

Mar, 1991
Establishment of PT. Bakrie Kasei Corporation

On March 4, 1991, PT. Bakrie Kasei Corporation (BKC) was officially established. Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation and Bakrie & Brothers own majority of the shares.

Feb, 1994
Start commercial operation of PTA No.1 plant
Apr, 1994
Foundation of PT. Bakrie Kasei PET Corporation
  In response to the high demand of PET, Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation and PT. Bakrie Kasei Corporation jointly established PT. Bakrie Kasei PET.
Nov, 1995 Start commercial operation of PET plant
Jul, 1996
Start commercial operation of PTA No.2 plant
  In order to meet high market demand of PTA, PT. Bakrie Kasei Corporation constructed a second plant that commercially operated in July 1996
Dec, 1996
Merger of PT. Bakrie Kasei and PT. Bakrie Kasei PET

In 1996, PT. Bakrie Kasei Corporation was merged with PT. Bakrie Kasei PET.

Mar, 2001
Change the company name to Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI)

In March 2001, PT. Bakrie Kasei Corporation officially changed its company name into PT. Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (previously known as Mitsubishi Kasei Corporation) as single majority shareholder.