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 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

"Saung Aksara"

As one activity of EDUCATION's PILLAR, "Saung Aksara" provide books, literatures video and education such as English Course to enhance the interests and abilities of English Language for students in Gerem Village,...not only for that "Saung Aksara" is multifunction place for communities to get forum group discussion...

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  PT MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL INDONESIA is a subsidiary of MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL HOLDING CORPORATION in Japan. As a responsible company, MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL HOLDING CORPORATION has a KAITEKI value, a state of true sustainability and also represents comfort for people, society and planet as a whole. To achieve that, MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL HOLDING CORPORATION commit to maintaining and reinforcing basic corporate activities in areas that are essential to enhancing KAITEKI value, including contribute to the Sustainable Development of society.
  Therefore, PT MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL INDONESIA interpret a KAITEKI value as the continuing commitment to behave ethically and contribute to environment, economic development, improvement the quality of life of labor and their families as well as of society. Commitment to help improvement the quality of life of society is realized through the establishment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. CSR Policy of PT MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL INDONESIA focuses on 3 (three) Pillars of Sustainable Development Program, namely:
  1. Health ...(find out more)
2. Education ...(find out more)
3. Economical Development ...(find out more)
  We, at PT MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL INDONESIA, believe that in order to achieve our objective mentioned above, engagement of all stakeholders in our CSR programs is of absolute necessity. Such engagement will ensure CSR Programs that are effective, efficient, and sustainable
  Pillars of Economic Development aims to empower communities through the development of the economic potential of the local area in order to improve the qualti of life of the community.