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 CSR Program : Health's Pillar Programs

This pillar aims to improve the quality of public health by supporting the basic needs of community and contribute to the promotion / health education so that people can be open-minded and have a healthy lifestyle that will have a positive impact on economic and social conditions


Since Year 2010, with once a year, 180 and More .. childrens from Gerem Village's family could be help with this program

Circumcision Program | Location : Gerem Village | Objective : Help circumcise children from the poor family | Beneficiaries : 180 children since 2010 (once a year program)


In 360 m above sea level, with deep 185 m constructed in 16 months, in Year 2009, Finally Watulawang sub-villages could get clean water to improve the quality of their life.

DEEP WELL Program | Location : Watulawang Village | Objective : To provide clean water for the communities and to improve the quality of life.| Beneficiaries : Watulawang sub-village communities


Not only More than 100 young mother, 315 old people got free of charge for medical treatment, but the concern is how to educate about healty live to improve healty awareness in communities

Health Education & Free Medical Treatment Program | Location : Gerem Village Office | Objective : To improve community health awareness | Beneficiaries : >100 young mother and 315 old age poor (once a year program)

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