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Compliance Program

  Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) group clearly provide the policy of the compliance (compliance to the law and corporate ethics) in the entire group. Following to this policy, in year 2006, Mitsubishi Chemical Indonesia (MCCI) established Compliance Code of Conduct that consist of Awareness and Responsibility, Fairness, Equitability and Integrity, Strict Compliance, Prudence, Transparancy and Openess.

MCCI Compliance Program

  Compliance Program is internal management system for compliance.

MCCI compliance program is as below:

  • Basic Rule
  • Compliance Promotion System
  • Educational Program
  • Inspection and Monitoring System.
  • Consultation and Report System
  • Measure Program against Violation
  • Periodic Inspection by Complaince Committee.
  Compliance Hotline
  Should you have information about our un compliance in our company activities please contact us to following information :
MCCI Compliance Hotline

MCCI constituent members are required in the event one recognizes of any conduct that can be classified as compliance violation or has such likelihood, to consult with and report it to the company through your superior.

If you are MCCI constituent members and you think there are some difficulties to deal with the issues swiftly or properly by using organization reporting line, you can use the Compliance Hotline.

All address/numbers below are exclusive for Hotline:

- Email : mitsubishi-chemical-group-indonesia@ahp.id
- Telephone : 021-2555-7800 (Applicable for weekdays, 09.00-18.00)
- Post Mail

: Assegaf Hamzah & Partners
  Capital Place, Level 36 & 37, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 18,
  Jakarta 12710, Indonesia
  Up. Mr. Eko Ahmad Ismail Basyuni

      Note: Email and post-mail is read by limited person only; they are President Director (CCO), Vice President Director and Administration Director of MCCI)